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Professional Legal Translation from German and English into Spanish in Tenerife

When it comes to legal texts such as contracts, judgments, agreements, statutes, etc., that we want to present in another language, it is crucial to rely on professional translation services.

Traducciones Jurídicas

What is a legal translation?

Legal translation consists of translating legal documents from one language into another. These documents are usually drafted by legal professionals such as lawyers or notaries and may be issued by both public institutions and private companies. This type of translation requires the translator not only to be able to work in his or her working languages but also to have extensive knowledge of the different legal systems of the languages he or she works with. In addition, he or she must also be familiar with the jargon of the legal specialisation. This is a complex job that only a translator specialising in this field can handle.

What legal documents are there?

All documents of a legal nature will require legal translation. Some of the documents included in this type of translation are:

Sales or financial contracts

Company / corporate bylaws

Foreign legislations

Judgments and other judicial documents

Powers of attorney

Company certificates

A professional translation is key to your image before clients and other professionals. Therefore, with my legal and economic translation service from English/German to Spanish, your legal or economic matters, and even, why not, your company, can venture into international commerce.

The Profile of the Legal Translator

The translator’s job is so complex because it is not enough to make a literal translation of the terms in the text; he or she has to find the most appropriate term in the target language. This becomes more complicated when we are talking about institutions, laws, concepts or legal characteristics that have no equivalence in the country of the target language.

Traducciones certificadas

The legal translator must master not only the working languages but also the concepts and legal system of the country in question. Ideally, the translator should not only have a background in translation and interpretation but also specialize in law.


I carry out my translations cautiously, relying on legal sources to ensure the desired quality in the target text. Thanks to my university education in translation and interpretation, as well as professional legal translation, along with specialized courses in the legal sector, I can navigate legal texts with ease.


I prepare each quote on a completely personalised basis in order to always meet the needs of each client. If you need a translation in Düsseldorf from German into Spanish, please do not hesitate to contact me at

If you need a professional English, German or Spanish interpreter or translator in Tenerife and the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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