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Traducciones jurídicas Alemán-Inglés-Español

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Breaking language barriers to ensure that your legal message is conveyed with accuracy and understanding.

Legal Translations

My academic background, coupled with years of experience abroad, has not only equipped me with proficiency in the Spanish language but also in the working languages and their cultures. This has allowed me to closely understand the target audience.


I assist my clients in communication through various interpretation techniques for which I have been trained, serving as a communicative bridge between people of different languages.

Paula Jorge

I was born in paradise, in the Canary Islands, but I have spent the last few years between the United States and Germany. This has not only allowed me to intimately understand the languages I work with but also their cultures and audiences. Furthermore, my training in the translation of legal texts enables me to comprehend different legal systems and their concepts, contributing to a higher quality translation.
servicios de interpretación de inglés o alemán al español en ferias internacionales para empresas.


Graduated in translation and interpretation, with a master's degree in professional legal translation and having passed the examination on German law that grants recognition as a sworn translator in Germany.


Communication is essential before, during, and after the translation process; therefore, we maintain contact throughout the entire process.


Since legal texts contain personal data, I offer the possibility to sign a confidentiality agreement, and I will treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.


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