Sworn translation for German-Spanish mortgage credit application

Many people, after living for a few years in Germany and saving a minimum amount of money, decide to buy a house in their home country. Additionally, many individuals who fall in love with the sunny country choose to purchase a second home in Spain, either for vacations, retirement, or as an investment.

Spanish banks provide mortgages to both residents and non-residents, with some differences in terms of financing duration, financing percentage, or interest rates.

In any case, applying for a mortgage in your own country or a foreign country is always a complex process involving the submission of numerous documents. If you are a foreigner or a Spanish resident living in another country, you will also need to have the necessary documents translated officially to apply for a mortgage or complete the real estate purchase contract.

What are the documents usually required to apply for a mortgage in Spain?

Each bank may request different documents or the same documents with different requirements. For instance, one bank may ask for income records from the last 6 months, while another may request bank statements from the last year. When applying for a mortgage, it’s best to check with your bank to know which documents are needed. Generally, you can find general information about the required documents on the bank’s website, such as in the case of BBVA. However, keep in mind that in such complex cases, each situation varies depending on who is applying for the loan and under what conditions.

The main documents that you will need to translate from German to Spanish if you want to apply for a mortgage abroad include:

  • Copy of the NIE or passport
  • Certificate declaring non-residence if you are abroad or a certificate of fiscal residence
  • Proof of employment or income (pay stubs, employment contract, tax returns, etc.)
  • Bank statements from the last six months (may vary by bank)
  • Tax declarations
  • Insolvency information
  • Purchase agreement
  • Official translation from German to Spanish to apply for a mortgage

If you want to apply for a mortgage in Spain or another Spanish-speaking country and live abroad, you will need to obtain official translations from German to Spanish for the documents they request.

How much does it cost to translate from German to Spanish for mortgage documents?

The cost depends on how many documents need to be translated, the length of each document, its format, complexity, etc. The best way to get an accurate quote is by sending the document to info@paulajorge-traducciones.com, and you will receive a customized quote based on your needs.

How to request an official translation from German to Spanish

Send the documents you need to translate to info@paulajorge-traducciones.com. It would be ideal if you could send the documents in good quality in .PDF format to analyze the document thoroughly and not lose important information. Once the documents are received, you will receive a quote. You can find more information on how to request a translation quote here.

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