Juridical Translation Of Contracts From German To Spanish

El intérprete debe poseer ciertas cualidades necesarias para realizar una interpretación profesional y fiel al discurso original.

Do you need to translate a contract, whether it’s a lease, sales, or employment contract, from German to Spanish? I can help you.

As a general rule, contracts are often among the most translated documents in legal translation. Whether we need to inform ourselves about the terms of a lease agreement for a residence or an office or understand the clauses of an employment contract in its entirety.

A contract is a legal agreement by which the value and fulfillment of a specific act are determined, such as a lease contract. This legal document is regulated in the Civil Code, starting from Article 1254:

“The contract exists from the moment one or more persons agree to obligate themselves, with respect to one or more others, to give something or provide a service.” – Article 1254 Civil Code

Sworn translation of contracts from German to Spanish

It is often advisable to have a contract translated by a sworn translator if it is not in your native language since obligations and rights that directly affect you are often specified. Therefore, understanding the content of the contract is crucial. Among other details, contracts reflect the personal data of the parties, the object of the contract, deadlines, the value of the object, conditions, time periods, etc.

What are the most common types of contracts?

  • Lease agreement
  • Sales contract
  • Employment contract
  • Marital agreements
  • Leasing
  • Agreements between private companies

Furthermore, these types of legal documents contain a high level of legal terminology. Therefore, it is important that the translation is carried out by a translator specialized in this field. In my case, I not only have a master’s degree in Professional Legal Translation but also continuously train in this specialization by attending various training courses organized by translator associations or legal professionals.

Can any translator perform the sworn translation of a contract?

No. Whenever a sworn translation of a document is required, it must be done by a sworn translator recognized by the competent body of the corresponding country, in the case of Spain, by the MAEC.

Even if you do not need the sworn translation of the contract, it should not be done by just any translator since the terminology in these documents is often quite complex and contains specific legal jargon that the translator must be familiar with. Therefore, it is essential that a translator specialized in the legal field performs this translation. I have specialized in legal translation through a master’s degree in legal and economic translation, various courses and seminars related to the law, as well as passing a state exam in German law in Germany.

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Do you need to translate a contract from German to Spanish?

If you want to have the sworn translation of a contract from German to Spanish, it would be ideal if you could send me the document in question by email. This way, I can prepare a quote tailored to your needs. Please indicate in the email the date for which you need the sworn translation or any other request.

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