Certified Translation From English And Spanish In Tenerife

Do you need a certified translation from English or Spanish in Tenerife? I am appointed as a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and can help you with your English and Spanish translations. In case you need more information, you can contact me at info@paulajorge-traducciones.com.

Certified English and Spanish translations for the United Kingdom

I carry out translations for clients residing in the United Kingdom as well as for clients residing in Spain who want to move abroad or vice versa. I can translate official English and Spanish documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment contracts, academic certificates, registration certificates, family books, identity documents, passports, and visa documentation for the United Kingdom, etc.

Who can perform certified English and Spanish translations?

In the United Kingdom, only members accredited by government-recognized associations can certify translations. These associations have a list of translators accredited by themselves and are public:

In this case, they are:

CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists)

ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting)

ATA (Association of Translation Companies)

I am accredited as a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and you can find my profile in their registry of translators and interpreters.

Traducciones certificadas

The figure of the sworn translator in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the figure of the “sworn translator” as we know it in Spain or other countries like Germany does not exist.

In the United Kingdom, we must talk about certified translations. Only translators who are members of the aforementioned associations, in my case, a member of CIOL, can certify translations that will be valid in the United Kingdom.

However, in Spain, translators recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can perform sworn translations. That is, for a sworn translation to be valid in Spain, it must be sealed and signed by a translator listed in the MAEC’s sworn translator registry.

In Germany, on the other hand, it is the courts of each region that appoint sworn translators. In Germany, there are different paths to obtain the appointment as a sworn German-Spanish translator.

When is a certified translation from English to Spanish valid?

For a certified translation to be valid in the United Kingdom, in addition to being carried out by a member of the relevant associations, as mentioned earlier, it must meet several requirements:

A statement by the translator that they have made a faithful translation of the original document. An example would be: ‘a true and accurate translation of the original document’; The translation date must be stated; Name and contact details of the translator; Logo/seal/signature as a member of CIOL, ITI, or in the case of ATA, the respective company.

If you need a certified translation from English to Spanish, you can contact me at info@paulajorge-traducciones.com.

How do I request a certified translation from English to Spanish in Tenerife?

In case you need a certified translation from English to Spanish in Tenerife, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Send me the scanned document you want to translate to info@paulajorge-traducciones.com. It is important that the entire document is visible to avoid errors in the translation.
  2. I will send you a quote within the next 2-3 hours at the latest upon receiving the email.
  3. If you want to proceed with the translation, we will issue an invoice and provide contact information so that you can receive the translation on paper at the address you specify.
  4. We will be in touch during the translation period in case you have any questions or need to clarify any details. You will receive the translations by postal mail to the indicated address.

How long does a certified translation take?

The time required to complete the translation will depend on the complexity, length, format, etc., of the document. The required time will also be indicated in the quote. If you need your translation by a specific date, it is best to mention it directly in your first email requesting a quote.

Sworn English-Spanish translations for Spain

Do you need a sworn translation from English to Spanish to submit in Spain? I can help you. I work with a solid network of colleagues who are recognized by the MAEC as sworn translators, and their translations are valid in Spain.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me at info@paulajorge-traducciones.com or through the following form:

En caso de que tengas cualquier otra duda puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo a través de info@paulajorge-traducciones.com o a través del siguiente formulario:

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