Translation from German and Spanish in Puerto de la Cruz​

Interpretación simultánea en cabina inglés-español

Translation from German and Spanish in Puerto de la Cruz Do you need a translation from from German and Spanish in Puerto de la Cruz? I can help you! At present, more than 15,000 people of German national ity count as residents on the island of Tenerife and are present in at least 20 municipalities […]

Certified Translation of Birth Certificate German-Spanish

When we immigrate to a foreign country, even if it is a European country like Germany, and we want to establish our life in that country, one of the documents that we almost always need to translate is the birth certificate. This is crucial for various procedures such as applying for residence (Aufenthaltstitel) and nationality […]

Interpreter for English-Spanish in Tenerife or Gran Canaria

Traducciones jurídicas Alemán-Inglés-Español

International trade fairs are one of the best ways to showcase your company and products and, of course, to establish networks with colleagues and companies in the industry. They are not only crucial for gaining a broader insight into the market we dedicate ourselves to but also provide an opportunity to learn about different ways […]

Interpreter For English Or German – Spanish In Düsseldorf

International fairs are one of the best ways to showcase your company and products and, of course, to network with colleagues and industry-related businesses. They are crucial not only for gaining a broader market perspective but also for learning about different work methods and projecting your own work. These international fairs allow us to meet […]


What is sworn translation? Sworn translation, also known as official, certified, or expert translation, is the translation of any type of document performed by a translator recognized by an official body and thus called a sworn, official, certified, or expert translator. This translation is accompanied by the signature and seal of the sworn translator. Sworn […]

The Different Modalities of Interpretation

consiste en traducir documentos con carácter legal de un idioma a otro.

The main difference between translation and interpretation lies in the way they are carried out. The translator works in writing, while the interpreter works orally. However, within interpretation itself, various modalities can be found (consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, whispered interpretation, sight translation, among others). The Most Common Interpretation Modalities Consecutive Interpretation In this modality, the […]

Juridical Translation Of Contracts From German To Spanish

El intérprete debe poseer ciertas cualidades necesarias para realizar una interpretación profesional y fiel al discurso original.

Do you need to translate a contract, whether it’s a lease, sales, or employment contract, from German to Spanish? I can help you. As a general rule, contracts are often among the most translated documents in legal translation. Whether we need to inform ourselves about the terms of a lease agreement for a residence or […]



Abbreviations in German legal language are often the key to understanding the complete meaning of the text. This is especially evident in legal language as abbreviations are one of its main characteristics. It is normal not to recognize abbreviations and have to look them up continuously, but gradually we will get to know more and […]


Translation project management is not only important in a translation agency or in an international company with clients located in various parts of the world but is also a skill that any freelance translator will have to perform on many occasions to achieve effective and organized work. What does project management involve? Project managers typically […]

Translator Profile

La figura del intérprete

The legal translator is a professional who translates documents with legal implications from one language to another. This type of translation is highly complex due to its extensive legal terminology, requiring the translator to master not only the working languages but also legal concepts and legal systems. What is needed to become a legal translator? […]

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